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"...so he goes *flenh* and he goes *flenh* and everybody's HAPPY!" - you don't know the truth!!! @__@

Aug. 1st, 2002

12:51 am - "...so he goes *flenh* and he goes *flenh* and everybody's HAPPY!"

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Today was mucho... um... fundo... yah. Roponia spent the night for the last two nights, and we had a blast the night before cracking CORNY jokes until 4 AM in the morning. These were jokes of the MOST retarded kind, where we took various everyday compound words or phrases and turned them into HORRIBLE come-ons. ("I'll do YOUR laundry...I'll prolong YOUR magic... I'll Wolf YOUR wood," etc.) Depressing, ain't it? Then we proceeded into the physics of certain lemons and what a retard Vince is.

Then yesterday we all went to Frankie's (and no, not Sharpie's) and beat each other up on the Slick Track, which I'm not really even supposed to be on. (Sixteen or older... oops! Oh well, it was 11:45 at night, the attendant really didn't give a shit...) We had some fun in the lasertag, where we had a free-for-all. I was "Braveheart." Oh yeah.

I started this post out with a sentence about today, right? HA HA! Whoops... Well, anywhoozle, today was pretty fun. Big John woke me up by calling me (that's ok though... it was quarter to one...) and he came over an hour later. We watched the second to last DVD... and we can't watch Paradise until Maggie gets back. ARHRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :: bangs head on wall :: And that one's SO GOOD TOO!!!! *sniff* Ah well.

After that, we watched the first one all over again and played some tennis. And John beat up Romana with the tennis ball unintentionally. The Cafe crew also came over for some mad lines reading. Ho yeah. And Ryan FRIGGIN LAUGHS LIKE VASH! OH well, with that settled, John and Ropo went home, and I got a call from other John, Sarah Hulseman, (my friend who just got back from France who's going to Southside next year) and Justin, my friendly neighborhood STALKER! ARGH! Oh well...

This has been waaaaay too long. So I'm gonna stop now. No, seriously. I am. I am going to stop. Now.


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